Mao Zedong Village Cuisine Chinese Harvest Restaurant
1829 Clement St
San Francisco, CA
 94121 | Outer Richmond
(415) 668-1100 or 668-3883
†Cross street:  20th Ave.
Cuisine: Chinese
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 (199) reviews
Yeah yeah...everyone loves Nopa. So I finally tried it. Three of us had a reservation at 9PM and w more.

Leah Herman
(1) review

Positive Cuisine: Chinese Outer Richmond
This became one of our favorite local restaurants - the owners are friendly and relaxed, the food is fresh and tastes good and the decor is lovely. The back room is open and fun, great for party, and frequently in use. Some people take issue with the name - here's what I learned when I traveled in China. When you talk to the villagers who lived through Mao, good and bad, the perspective is quite different from what we hear about in America. If you can suspend judgement, you may have found a lovely neighborhood gem of a restaurant. Review #19363
(1) review

Positive Cuisine: Chinese Outer Richmond
Excellent food and atmosphere at great prices. This restaurant offers unique Hunan delicacies, combining rich flavors, deep colors, and mouth-watering aromas. Mao's Red Cooked Pork Pot is a must and goes well with spicy dishes, such as "sour spicy cabbage hearts." The decoration of the restaurant wouldn't please Mao, though. The pictures on the wall are from the pre-Mao era and remind one of extravagant Shanghai lifestyles rather than those of industrious peasants in the villages. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the restaurant is nice and warm and perfect for a romantic date. The room in the back is great for private parties. Perhaps I'll have my birthday party here this year. Review #9137
(6) reviews

Negative Cuisine: Chinese Outer Richmond
I had a difficult time getting over the name of this place. Talk about politically incorrect. How many people suffered and died under the regime that is the titular for this restaurant? The food is average, but I felt angst the whole time dining. Review #8282
(1) review

Negative Cuisine: Chinese Outer Richmond
mao zedong was a ruthless dicator responsible for the death of millions in the cultural revolution and the failed great leap forward. why on earth would any restaurant celebrate the death and misery that this man represents? would you patronize Hitler's Hamburger Haven, or Osama's Oyster Bar? if the idiot owners of this restaurant did their research, they would realize that a significant number of richmond district residents fled china to escape communism and mao zedong. this restuarant's name is highly offensive. Review #7929
(39) reviews

Neutral Cuisine: Chinese Outer Richmond
granted the food was good and reasonable prices, but what is up with the environment here? Maybe I came on a weird night where the stars were aligned, but the entire back room was packed and we were the only ones out front. The service was sooooooooo slow and the employees not very personable. Next time ill just order delivery. I may upgrade this review to positive if: 1) delivery is good or 2) I return to the restaurant and service improves. Nonetheless, the food is good. Review #7456
Wayne Lambright
(212) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Chinese Outer Richmond
At first my girlfriend suggested chinese food and I was not into the idea, all that over salty, everything looks different but taste the same routine again. Then she ordered over the phone and in a few minutes later, she arrived back and the food was delicious, it was an unexpected bouquet of flavor. I was very surprised how yummy and fresh it was, especially not having rice because of my low carb diet. Area for improvement? the cashews in one of my dish’s was soggy. I’ll be back for more :-) Review #2410
Angela Von Buelow
(227) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Chinese Outer Richmond
Fresh crisp veggies and unique flavors are sure to make this place a local gem. I have only had their take-out and it was hot, fresh and yummy! I'll surly order from them again. Very good value! $15 for 2 entrees and soup for what a deal, plus they deliver. Review #2409
(36) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Chinese Outer Richmond
Great Shanghainese food and a nice environment for a change. Interesting & good food. Review #378
(16) reviews

Positive Cuisine: Chinese Outer Richmond
Amy Tan always has the private dining room reserved and so I can never get it. Review #184
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