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Positive I like it there.. the sushi are very uniqe and yummmyy... they are very nicely display.. the fish are fresh.. I've been there couple of times and try different sushi everytime I go. Until now, all the sushi i have there deserve a "check". The only thing i wish is that they can make reservation, because it's usually a lonngg line up~ Review #19293 Kabuto Sushi

Cuisine: Sushi Japanese
Outer Richmond 4/22/2007

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Positive I love their So wings... it's SO good! it's like a chinese bufalo wings.. :) their salmon fried rice is v. good too~ their portion is big, so if your a small eater, you can just order one rice and can feed 2-3 ppl. Review #19292 So

Cuisine: chinese
Inner Sunset 4/22/2007

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Negative I can't believe that there is no negative review for Mama-san. Wel.. i've only been there once, and i will not want to go there agian. I've ordered a Katsu Donburi (typical Japanese dish) and it turns out to be something SOO different from what i usually have in other Japanese restaurants. It's suppose to be slightly sweet with deep fried katsu mixed with onion over rice. But what they give me is a mixed vegetable, katsu with scramble egg over rice. WITH PEPPER! The taste is totally off. I havn't try other dishes, so I can't say that they all sux. But to try whether the Japanese restaurant is authetic or not, it can all show in their Katsu Donburi (I think). Review #19291 Mama-san

Cuisine: Japanese
Inner Richmond 4/22/2007

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Neutral I think it was ok.... the service is good... and some dishes are quite good... like the lamb curry and the Burmese style vegetable. But DO NOT order the Burmese Chicken.. it remind me of Panda Express... not special at all. I wish their portion could be bigger...for the price they're charging, i think they can go bigger. I went there with 2 or my friend, and I only got 2 spoon of lamb curry and it's all gone. It's a good place to go with 1 or 2 friends, but certainly not in a large party group. Review #19290 Mandalay Restaurant

Cuisine: Burmese Chinese
Inner Richmond 4/22/2007

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